It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination

The old saying goes that life is a journey.  Because we all end up in the same destination, anyway, life ought to be about the journey that we take rather than the destination itself.

The same could be said for certain forms of tourism.  If you’re simply flying to a European country to take in the sites and landmarks, the journey isn’t all that exciting.  However, if you’re taking riverboat trips on Southeast Asian rivers, then the journey means everything!

Here are some Southeastern riverboat tourism destinations to consider.


There are a number of amazing rivers in Cambodia.  One of the most amazing things about taking a river trip in Cambodia is the different birds that you’ll come across while on the water.

Bird watchers from all over the world travel to Cambodia to travel through its rivers, and it’s no wonder why.  The overall flora and fauna is second to none, and that’s why Cambodia is so popular.


One of the riverboat trips that many tourists love to take is the one between Huay Xai and Luang Prabang.  Now, you could also take this trip by motorboat if you wanted, however riverboat trips tend to allow you the time to slow down and enjoy yourself.

Taking a riverboat could take up to two days, so make sure that you are packed for the occasion and on a boat that you can get comfortable in.  However, in spite of the length of the trip, it is one that you will never forget.


One of the most popular motorboat trips in Vietnam is the one that will take you from Ca Mau to Dat Mui.  You should keep in mind that most of the motorboats used for this trip are extremely small, so you ought to expect to be packed in tightly with other passengers.

With that said, you can go back and forth within a day, and the nature that you will see in the process is absolutely stunning.  Many regard the part of the river that is closest to Dat Mui to be the best part of the trip in either direction.


The Chindwin River in Burma is a target for many nature-lovers who want to spend a long time out on the water enjoying the Southeast Asian climate.  It’s best to take a boat down the river instead of up it, as moving up river will take a bit longer.

The river is quite wide, and it provides you with excellent views of nature on both sides.  The sunsets that you will see while on this trip are some of the most beautiful in the world.

Which one sounds best?

With so many wonderful options, it might be difficult to figure out which boating trip in Southeast Asia is right for you.  The best thing you can do is to research these wonderful rivers and destinations a bit further in order to find the one you think you’ll enjoy the most.