The Most Beautiful Rivers in Southeast Asia

One of the places in the world that many people fail to realize is a great vacation destination is Southeast Asia.  Those who love being on the water, in particular, will find that there are some amazing rivers in this part of the world.

If you love canoeing or rafting, here are a few of the rivers in Southeast Asia that you will likely want to visit.

Mekong River

The Mekong river is probably the best of all of the river systems in Southeast Asia.  Being that it is almost three-thousand miles long, there really is a whole lot to see.

The river begins 17,000 feet above sea level on the Guosongmucha Mountain.  At this point, it is simply a tiny stream.  From there, it flows through Tibet and then down into the southern part of China, then into the tri-border area of Thailand, Burma, and Laos.

For those who want a peaceful canoe trip, there are excellent areas in this river.  There are also areas of intense rapids, allowing for excellent rafting for those looking for something a little more exciting.

The Burmese Rivers

These rivers begin near the Mekong on the plateau of Tibet.  The Salween is one of the longest rivers in the world that has no damns.

There is also the Irrawaddy.  This is the longest river in Burma, and probably one of its most important.  It flows south for thirteen-hundred miles, and then empties into the Andaman.

There are a number of other smaller rivers that go across the Irrawaddy Delta, providing a whole bunch of excellent sites and things to do.  These rivers are essential places to visit for any tourist of Southeast Asia.

The Thai Rivers

The Chao Phraya River is more than 200 miles in length, and it goes through Bangkok then empties itself in the Gulf of Thailand.  This is, far and away, the river system that is most important to Thailand.

The Pa Sak River is three-hundred miles long and goes north to south.  This river runs through a beautiful valley between the Phetchabun Mountains.

The Vietnamese Rivers

Beginning in the Ynnan Province, the Red River goes from south-central China all the way to the northwest part of Vietnam.  There is also the Lo River and the Black River.

The Lo, Black, Red, and Thai Binh are other rivers in the region of the Red River Delta, which goes all the way down to the coastline of the Gulf of Tonkin.

These are just a few of the rivers in Vietnam.  Any tourist who loves the scenery of these Southeast Asian rivers definitely ought to take a trip out to Vietnam and travel around in order to take them all in.

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If you’re a tourist who loves beautiful rivers and the scenery that surrounds them, there’s no excuse for never taking a trip to Southeast Asia.  You will be happy that you got to see these beautiful sites for yourself.